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What is Coaching?

“To this day, the coaching exercises my Bright Arrow coach walked me through continue to challenge my self-awareness. They allow me to understand the objective I’m trying to accomplish as well as the correct conversation and talking points I need to have in order to achieve it.”


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Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential. A trained, certified coach helps others tap into their inner purpose and passion and connect those insights with outer goals and tasks to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results.

Simply put, coaching creates a context where people can regularly work on the most important issues in their lives.

How Coaching Works

The best way to understand how coaching works and what differentiates a coach from other professionals is to apply it to a simple everyday experience. Let’s say an individual needed to learn to ride a bike. There are a number of people she could turn to for help depending on her needs:

  • A trainer will provide her with step-by-step instructions on how to ride the bike.
  • A consultant will tell her where to sit, where to put her feet, and when to pedal.
  • A mentor will share with her their experiences and expertise of bike riding.
  • A therapist will discuss her fears about riding and the consequences of falling.
  • A coach will be by her side during the entire experience – before, during, and after!

By helping anchor people to their own internal strengths, coaches inspire individuals to dream beyond their plans. They apply emotional and intellectual intelligence to the long haul of life and work.

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What a Coach Does

Specifically, a coach will help the individual learn to ride a bike by supporting her throughout the entire journey:

Before the Ride

  • Listens to her desire to try riding
  • Asks if she needs instructions on how to ride
  • Helps her figure out where she could find those instructions
  • Asks if she likes the color and kind of bike she’s about to ride

During the Ride

  • Runs alongside the bike “checking in” to see if she’s enjoying the experience
  • Asks what might make it more fun
  • Helps her discover what she needs to take of herself when and if she falls

After the Ride

  • Asks her about the bike ride and what was valuable
  • Helps her determine whether she wants to pursue mastery of bike riding
  • Helps her devise a plan whereby she can attain that mastery if she does
  • Helps her devise a plan to sell the bike if she doesn’t

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