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At Bright Arrow, we believe that finding alignment between who you are at work and at home is essential to success. That’s why we take a holistic approach to coaching and help our clients create harmony between their personal and professional personas.

What You Can Expect

After your initial meeting with Bright Arrow Founder, Tegan Trovato, you will be presented with the bio of the coach we think would best support you in your leadership development. That coach may be Tegan! From there, we’ll schedule a discovery meeting with you and your proposed coach to make sure you both feel synergy before embarking on the journey.

We Help You Achieve Your Biggest Goals

All of our coaches are highly trained, tenured, certified, and hand-selected for our clients.
Our coaches bring a diversity of designations and specialties to every client relationship. This allows Bright Arrow to truly help you identify and leverage your gifts, overcome internal “blocks” or limitations, and take action. Every Bright Arrow coach has one overarching goal: to help you maximize your potential and create lasting change.

We support you throughout your entire journey. On every level. At every step. Regardless of what your goals are

Our Founder and CEO

Tegan Trovato—CPC, PCC, ELI-MP—is the CEO of Bright Arrow, a premiere Executive and Team Coaching firm based in Chicago and Indianapolis; serving clients nationally.

Tegan is the co-host of the Life and Leadership Podcast, a FORBES columnist for the exclusive Coaches Council, and a regular contributor to Thrive Global and Mantra Magazine.

Recipient of HR Executive Magazine’s HR Rising Star Award, Tegan is an HR industry veteran with twenty years of experience, specializing in Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, and Organizational Learning, serving as an executive or leadership team member for Levi Strauss, Zynga, Xerox and Cielo.

As the Founder and CEO of Bright Arrow, she and her firm offer executive coaching, team coaching, group workshops, inspiring keynotes, as well as training programs for executive coaches. Bright Arrow’s clients work exclusively with certified, tenured coaches who value authenticity, confidence, courage, comfort, growth, and leadership in every interaction.

“I am SURE we wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for you, frankly. Tegan, my thoughts of you is that you are extremely committed to us. Each one of us. You showed a level of commitment that was breathtaking. The amount of extra time, effort, and professionalism and your extreme commitment to each of us; what more could we ask for. As a coach, it was an outstanding performance. ”

COO of $500M company

What We Focus on Grows.

Expand to your full potential as a leader with powerful thoughts and ideas from our blog written with the unique needs of our leadership community in mind.



Bright Arrow’s service offerings provide executives and teams with a variety of flexible options based on their specific needs.


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