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Wife. Mother of two fur-babies. Deeply loving sister. Wildly loyal friend. Vegan foodie. Fearless go-getter. Personal and professional growth enthusiast.

When the intersection of life and work could no longer be ignored, Tegan Trovato redesigned her life and leadership approach so she could fully live authentically and with purpose. She now spends her days helping others do the same.

As a former award-winning HR leader with extensive experience in recruiting, training, and employee development, Tegan is able to draw upon her unique personal and professional experiences to help clients design and actualize the personal lives and careers they want.

Her clients refer to her as their “secret weapon” when it comes to making radical changes and transitions, asking for big raises and promotions, and developing their leadership prowess. They describe Tegan as being consultative, radically honest, inspiring, challenging but caring, enlightening, and always thinking outside of the box.

She is an expert in helping her clients overcome their fears, challenge their imposter syndrome, and carve out the next steps in their careers, all while developing their authenticity and identifying and aligning to their values and purpose.

Tegan is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and a Master Practitioner for the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI-MP).

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“With Tegan on your side, you feel invincible. Having someone who challenges your assumptions, supports your endeavors, and celebrates your wins is nothing short of a game changer.”


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