Our Approach

Mindful, Powerful Results

Our mindfulness-based approach to leadership development is tailored to your unique needs and style through four phases designed to help you move from gaining insight to taking action. All in the spirit of expanding your leadership prowess.

1. Clarify Your Truths

During the first phase, we help you see and hear your “Truths,” which involves us soliciting an outside-in view of how others perceive and experience you. Of equal importance is completing assessments that allow us to gain an inside-out view of how you’re “wired” and the way you experience the world daily and when under stress. We identify the leadership principles that guide your actions and the areas of your leadership practice you aspire to grow in. We evaluate several key aspects of your life and work with you to gauge your satisfaction with each. This process allows us to identify strengths and uncover blind spots. It also helps you get clear on what drives you. All of this combines to give us a comprehensive view of who you are and what is important to you! Utilizing a wide range of assessment tools we will help you find clarity.

2. Optimize Avenues of Success

Next, we work with you to evaluate the opportunities you currently have at your disposal that will enable your growth. Those may include key internal and external relationships, challenging business/team scenarios, opportunities for stretch assignments, rotations or promotions. We then help you define the additional opportunities you need to create for yourself. This may include having you look at your network and think through how the people in your life can open doors for you.

Throughout this process, you will be challenged to think bigger than you ever have when it comes to brainstorming ways to increase your satisfaction.

3. Open the Doors to Possibility

By the third phase, you’re ready to design the action plan you’ll need to get there. During this part of the process, we leverage an expanded view of what’s possible and hone in on your personalized view of success.

Together, we co-create a flexible roadmap to capture quick wins and enjoy the journey, as learning to enjoy the process of goal achievement and change-making is critical to success. This becomes a life-changing shift for many people!

4. Put Strategy to Action

Once the first three phases are complete, you are ready to take steps toward having what you want. During the last phase, we work diligently through the roadmap we’ve designed together, ensuring we celebrate all the milestones along the way!

At this point, we also identify and address your fears and rewrite any self-limiting beliefs and rules. This is where our coaches stay firmly rooted in your corner, helping you take an objective view of what’s happening, revising your plan as needed, and most importantly, cheering you on and being an accountability partner.

“I just completed annual reviews for my team members and for the first time (thanks to my coaching with Bright Arrow), I felt like I gave fully fair, honest, and meaningful feedback. I did not sugar coat the growth areas. I did, however, demonstrate that I am here to offer support and encouragement to help them grow.”

Head of HR and Operations

“You and your questions, Tegan. Always making us think bigger.”

VP of Sales $500M company

“Here’s how I would describe the ‘four stages’ of working with Bright Arrow. First comes the regret that you didn’t find them sooner. This happens when you think to yourself, ‘How differently would things have turned out if I had known Bright Arrow from the very beginning? Where would I be now?’ Then, there’s gratitude…it soon becomes clear that everything you’ve done in the past has led you to this moment, and you realize you’re exactly where you need to be right now. Finally, there’s hope…with Bright Arrow on your side, you feel invincible.”

Technology Leader

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