Coach Spotlight – Dee Kane

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Bright Arrow Coaches, Professional Development

I am excited to bring you another Bright Arrow Coach Spotlight, featuring Dee Kane. I hope you enjoy getting to know our coaches and getting a glimpse into their personalities and coaching style. All of our coaches are highly trained, experienced, certified, and hand-selected for our clients. Serving as executive or leadership team members for organizations of all sizes, our coaches have walked in your shoes. Bright Arrow coaches spent decades navigating the business landscape and successfully climbing the corporate ladder prior to entering the executive coaching field. Our coaches have experienced the same volatilities and uncertainties, complexities, and ambiguities prevalent in most organizations today.

Let’s get to know Dee Kane, Bright Arrow Coach.

Why did you become a coach?
It was a natural progression from corporate training into coaching. Working with people to help them grow professionally was my mission, whether in groups or one-to-one. I found that my Instructional Design background provided many skills that apply to coaching; a curious mindset, a deep caring about others’ success, extracting inspirational ideas and reaching meaningful goals.

What is your favorite quote about leadership?
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

– Winston S. Churchill

What are your special focus areas as a coach?
I work with leaders and executives to identify and achieve their professional and personal goals. I’m known for getting people “Un-stuck” in their careers. Just recently, I earned my certificate in the Neuroscience of Transformational Coaching which adds to my toolbox of impactful methodologies for client success.

What do you believe is important that leaders embody in order to be effective in the future?
A curious mindset, listening to others, willing to learn, and prioritizing time to reflect.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I have been able to create a profession that combines my favorite activities: Executive Coaching, Instructional Design, and Change Facilitation. This combination keeps me in the flow while I help clients accelerate transformation in their careers or in the work environment. As a Coach, I guide executives to visualize a new direction, then build personalized road maps toward their desired goals. As an Instructional Designer, I develop and present high-impact workshops that enable participants to retain, retell, and apply the content to their workplace. Through coaching and training, I have changed organizations and directed hundreds of professionals toward their definition of a successful career.

Something people are surprised to learn about you.
I have lived in multiple locations across the US with my family, but coincidentally only in places that begin with the letter “C”: Chicago, Connecticut, Colorado Springs, Chicago (again), and now California. Each “C” has been a wonderful adventure!

What do you do in your free time?
I’m an explorer, both mentally and physically. I love learning new coaching tools and connecting with other coaches to share ideas. I enjoy exploring environments near and far.

Also, I have presented workshops to women who were formerly homeless and provided career coaching to people who need guidance.

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