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Individual Coaching

“With Bright Arrow, I felt supported to push myself to grow, shed behaviors that no longer work for me, and embrace my personal brilliance.”

Define your next chapter, elevate how you show up, and finesse your leadership prowess.

At Bright Arrow, we believe that only by going inward can you move forward. Which is why our individual coaching package is designed to help you:

Consciously choose how you “show up”

By using Energy Leadership techniques, you will learn invaluable strategies to shift your attitude and create more win-wins.

Shed Your Inheritance

We’ll identify and release the messages, rules, and stories you’ve inherited that no longer serve you in your life and leadership practices.

Soothe your “Imposter Syndrome”

Learn how to quiet the voice in your head telling you that you’re going to be found out for being a fraud and overcome any roadblocks your inner imposter creates.

Nourish your inner temple

Next-level performance requires next-level self-care. Learn how to evaluate and refine what you feed your heart, mind, and body to ensure you’re living in alignment with your greater mission.

Appoint your cheering section

Who’s got your back? Understand the value of your fellow influencers and how to connect and engage more deeply in those relationships.

Where could you be six months from now if you started today?

Over the course of six-months, you’ll receive the tools and support to play to your strengths, challenge your self-limiting beliefs, and carve out the next steps in your life and career—all while developing your authenticity and aligning your values to your purpose.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Twelve, 60-minute coaching sessions

Delivered in-person or virtually, our private coaching sessions will supercharge growth and development by putting the entire focus of the session on you. Together with your coach, you will create a roadmap to achieve your goals over the course of your sessions. Resources, tools, and assessments will also be provided to create an encouraging and uplifting environment where you can discuss challenges and get clear on your internal and external values and motivations. Common topics covered in our one-on-one coaching sessions include: leadership development, life examination and redesign, career transition and development, salary negotiations, difficult conversations, goal planning and achievement, overcoming fear, work-life balance, and more.

Energy Leadership Assessment + 90-min debrief

You can consciously choose how you show-up and react under stress throughout all areas of your life. Our Energy Leadership Index assessment evaluates your level of energy based on your attitude, perception, and perspective of the world. Together with your coach, co-create an action plan that includes invaluable strategies to shift your approach to life and work; ultimately giving you more of what you want across all areas of your life and leadership practices.

Discovery exercises

We often fantasize about where we want to be, but lack the tools and inspiration to get there. That stops when you have Bright Arrow in your corner. In addition to our 1:1 personal coaching sessions; you will receive two of Bright Arrow’s beautiful, signature discovery exercises to help you dig deeper and get clear on your internal and external values and motivations.

Unlimited access to your coach

Via email, text, and phone as needed between sessions for motivation and accountability.

Need more support?

For leaders who are self-sponsoring their development, we are happy to offer you the 360-degree Leadership Assessment option and an add-on to our private coaching package.

The 360 Leadership Assessment provides you with a comprehensive overview of your leadership strengths and areas of potential improvement from a circle of 8-10 colleagues, including those who report to you, several of your peers within the company, your boss boss, and maybe even your boss’s boss.

We work directly with you to determine who will provide feedback, what questions will be asked, and how the feedback will be leveraged for your unique action plan. It is important to note that the results of the 360 Assessment belong only to you. We will not share or discuss the results with anyone else. As a result, this assessment cannot be used for determining promotions or compensation.

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