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“Very relevant topic for any professional. How we react in situations (shrink, swell or expand) in many cases determines our career growth and career success more so than hard skills.”

“I could have easily spent an entire day with Tegan!”

“Fabulous job. Way to incorporate technology, feedback and interactive tools to make a room of so many people feel small and intimate! Can’t say enough about Tegan.”

Bright Arrow believes that self-acceptance and self-awareness are key to growth. We are passionate about lifelong change and the impact that an empowering thought and idea can have on someone’s life, career, and organization.

We believe that by empowering others, we make a lasting difference in the world.
Bright Arrow’s core beliefs drive everything we do. Our founder and CEO, Tegan Trovato, translates our mission and values into every workshop, seminar, conference, and event she speaks at.

Tegan loves to energize and inspire groups of all sizes with keynotes that are interactive, current and relevant. Below is a sneak peak of one of Tegan’s keynotes on ‘Shrink, Swell or Expand: Cultivating a Winning Approach at Work’

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Shrink, Swell & Expand

Exceptional leaders know how to create experiences and conversations that move themselves and others to action. Tegan’s signature talk introduces leaders to the concept of Energy Management.

What We Focus on Grows.

Expand to your full potential as a leader with powerful thoughts and ideas from our blog written with the unique needs of our leadership community in mind.



Bright Arrow’s service offerings provide executives and teams with a variety of flexible options based on their specific needs.


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