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Leadership Development

“Bright Arrow partnered with us to develop our leaders. Tegan was able to quickly and assess the needs of the team through comprehensive intake sessions. She then customized a 5-module program that included both live and virtual sessions. The series of workshops ensured continued skill development and the hard-wiring of competencies. Tegan is a true coach, her approach was to help the team learn, guiding them to fine tune skills and develop over time rather than lecturing or teaching. The team had overwhelmingly positive remarks and the results are noticeable!”


Director for $1B Company

While hands-on experience and innate talents may have allowed leaders to acquire their roles, it isn’t solely what will keep them there and ensure success. As the business context changes and leaders are faced with new challenges, they need both individualized growth and group learning opportunities to ensure they thrive.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Organizations and individuals are investing in coaching as a powerful form of customized development that leads to long-lasting change and results. According to a survey by the International Coach Federation (ICF), 86 percent of organizations saw a return on their coaching investment, and 96 percent of those who have been coached said they would repeat the process again.

This impressive level of reported effectiveness could be attributed to the many tangible and intangible benefits of coaching recognized by individuals, leaders, groups and teams. Click here to download more information.

Team & Group Coaching

Leadership coaching doesn’t have to be a one-on-one process. Just like coaching a sports team, coaching a work team involves honing both individual skill and group talent.

Team coaching involves a single coach working with a group of managers or executives. This type of coaching gives participants a framework and practice opportunities for stretching beyond their current abilities. And by partnering with the team in the context of its everyday work challenges, the coach can offer new perspectives and introduce ideas for improving team performance.

As with individual coaching, team coaching should focus on results. The coach will work with the team to use its relationships, shared experiences and collective interpersonal awareness in a way that supports – rather than detracts from – the team’s goals. Click here to download more information.

Leadership Training

Hosted at the client’s site, leadership training is delivered via the “Action Learning Model,” which focuses on having small groups of colleagues meet over time to tackle real problems and issues. This model – which helps teams get things done as well as reflect and learn with and/or from their experiences as they attempt to change things – helps deliver an immediate impact to organizations.

Common topics covered in our training include: coaching techniques for leaders, delivering meaningful feedback, and change management. Additional leadership training topics are also available upon request.

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