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Programs for Executive Coaches

Bright Arrow is proud to offer a variety of mentoring and training programs to fellow executive coaches and those who aspire to become executive coaches.

We take great pride in the fact that our business is built on the concept of a holistic approach to coaching, whether we are working with high-level executives, their teams or fellow executive coaches. We strive to elevate the entire person in all that we do.

Our programs for budding and seasoned executive coaches are offered exclusively by our founder, Tegan Trovato. Tegan has walked in your shoes and strongly believes in her responsibility to help other executive coaches develop and grow. Executive coaches are serving our leaders, a population who is critical to strengthening our collective social fabric and has the power to create purposeful, meaningful work for others.

ICF Coach Mentor

Bright Arrow offers mentor coaching to coaches working on achieving their initial credentialing or renewal for their ACC or PCC.

As an ICF Mentor Coach, Tegan follows the International Coaching Federation’s best practices and has completed advanced training to best serve you in achieving your own coaching goals.

Contact us today if you would like to request Tegan, as your certified ICF Mentor Coach.

The Business of Executive Coaching

Tegan has been offering this Bright Arrow exclusive experience for seasoned coaches on a 1:1 basis for many years. If you are an ICF credentialed coach or graduated from an ICF credentialed training program and are interested in learning the formal process for executive coaching this one’s for you. The course includes insights on how to host a career changing exploratory session with a prospective client, how to work with your clients’ stakeholders, and discussing the ROI of coaching. It dives deep into every detail of the executive coaching process from initial kick-off, stakeholder interviews, how to leverage assessments and debrief on the results, goal setting, stakeholder partnership, and coaching engagement reflection/close-out. You’re provided with tools and templates along the way.

This course is ideal for coaches who have 100+ hours of coaching experience, or are trained internal/workplace coaches. Please contact us to find out how to apply for this program.

Coaching for Coaches

This 1:1 coaching experience allows certified coaches to experience the executive coaching process for themselves. It is one thing to learn the framework for being an executive coach, another to experience it as a vehicle for your own professional development. Essentially, we will model the executive coaching milestones for you while you get to experience the growth and change that all of our clients experience. You are then welcome to apply the same processes and tools in your own practice or workplace.

Because self-acceptance and self-awareness are key to growth for any individual, we utilize our assessment tools the same way we would in our executive and team coaching programs. We understand the unique challenges, stresses, and opportunities coaches entertain every day. Empowering you to learn to respond to these stimuli and to keep growing professionally supports our overall mission of making a difference in the world.

Contact us today for more information about Coaching for Coaches.

“After graduating from coaching school, Tegan provided me with the foundational tools to get my coaching business started. Communication templates, advice on pricing models to consider, an overall coaching framework, tools to support my clients, and much more. A comprehensive set of resources that got my business started off right.”

Former CHRO and 2nd year Executive Coach

“Tegan helped me grow my coaching skills as well as learn the business side of coaching. What I most appreciated is Tegan’s keen ability to support her clients in coalescing their professional skills and personal style into developing the right coaching approach to reach their ideal clients.”

Former CHRO and 2nd year Executive Coach

“Working with Tegan as I launch my executive coaching business is the #1 best thing I have done for myself. Having her in my corner as a resource and a partner has turbo-boosted my confidence, kept me laser-focused, and drastically reduced the overwhelm and isolation of starting a new business.”

Former attorney, First year executive coach

“While working with Tegan I was approached by a prospective client to perform 360 assessments on certain executives. I knew I could do it, but I didn’t know how. Tegan hopped on the phone and explained the process step-by-step and shared with me sample proposals, reports and other critically important resources. I was able to say “yes” to that opportunity because of my partnership with Tegan.”

Former attorney, First year executive coach

“Tegan has helped me streamline my executive coaching business so much! Even though I have been an executive (and coach trainer) for thirteen years, her knowledge, expertise, and templates are so much better than what I had created on my own.”

13 year executive coach and former trainer for “top 4” coaching school

“When I needed help wording a special proposal for an elite executive client, she shared the perfect template. When I wasn’t sure how to handle a pitch for subcontracted agreement, her knowledge helped me get the gig and make sure the pricing was great for me too.”

13 year executive coach and former trainer for “top 4” coaching school

“Tegan offers coaches a truly unique blend of hands on training, polished templates, and personalized mentorship. She truly cares about my success and the evolution of our industry. I highly recommend signing up for her programs!”

13 year executive coach and former trainer for “top 4” coaching school

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