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“We were tasked by our client to create an annual event calendar and content for their Women@ Employee Resource Group. We engaged Tegan and Bright Arrow to support the effort. They created a webinar, “Overcoming Fear in Our Lives & Leadership Practice,” and Tegan also spoke as part of our “Developing a Career Toolkit for Your Success” panel presentation. In both instances, Bright Arrow captivated the audience with engaging conversation, sage advice, a dose of inspiration, and actionable takeaways.”


CEO & Founder

Bright Arrow believes that self-acceptance and self-awareness are key to growth and that by marrying our work and personal personas, we can live authentic lives as individuals and leaders.

We are passionate about lifelong change and the impact an empowering a thought and idea can make in someone’s life.

We believe that by empowering others, we make a lasting difference in the world.

Bright Arrow’s core beliefs drive everything we do. Our founder and CEO, Tegan Trovato, translates our mission and values into every workshop, seminar, mastermind, conference, and event she speaks at.

We are honored to energize and inspire groups with keynotes that set the right tone and get attendees excited about the topic at hand. Some of our most requested topics include:

  • The Neuroscience of Change
  • Leader as Coach
  • Leadership and Self-Advocacy

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