Leadership Team Coaching for the Enterprise

No CEO can go it alone. You need a leadership team where everyone thinks like a CEO — working collaboratively in the best interests of the organization. But rather than teammates, too many organizations have a room of individuals, each focused on their function. They might not consider the enterprise’s needs against their own, and they can struggle to make crucial decisions without the CEO’s direct involvement.

When the leadership team isn’t operating as a collective, collaborative unit, you can’t unlock your organization’s full potential. If this sounds like your organization, it’s time to invest in leadership team coaching.

3 Benefits of Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership team coaching is a powerful way to help your entire executive team become more effective and collaborative, whether as a standalone program or alongside one-on-one executive coaching.​ Bright Arrow Coaching designs personalized, data-driven coaching engagements for each leadership team. 

Here are just a few ways leadership team coaching creates ROI for your top executives — and the organization.

Empower Your Executive Leadership Team to Think Like a CEO

Ditch the traditional command-and-control approach — empower your executive leadership team to act cohesively and make important decisions with the enterprise’s best interests in mind.

Seamlessly Navigate Transformative Changes

Mitigate the disruption caused by major organizational changes by creating a structure of stability and collaboration in your leadership team. Help top executives build trust and work through conflict, especially when getting to know each other. In some cases, this means helping leaders let go of past relationship transgressions and baggage — allowing everyone to move forward together.

Unlock Your Organization’s Full Potential

Unite your executive leadership team with clarity of purpose, mission and goals so they can lead by example and manage the organization across functions.

The Bright Arrow Approach to Leadership Team Coaching

Bright Arrow Coaching helps growth-oriented leadership teams get clear on what they need to deliver to advance the business. Our approach includes two differentiators: Bright Arrow certified coaches and the ARROW Engagement Process.

Our certified coaches are highly trained, experienced business executives. Coaches are thoughtfully selected based on their expertise and specialties to ensure a best-fit match with the strategic goals of the clients they serve.

Our engagements follow the established ARROW Engagement Process, which uses solving business challenges as the way to accelerate professional growth.

Through a blend of experiential learning, one-on-one coaching and real-time observation, participants become skilled at graciously navigating conflicts, swift decision making, and mindfully acting for the achievement of the organization’s strategic goals.

Here’s what that process looks like.

Articulate Business Goals

Together, we identify your business goals and match your organization with Bright Arrow Certified Coaches who fit your current state and growth goals.​


Reveal Growth Opportunities

Based on deep discovery and assessment outcomes, your coaches build a custom program that addresses the systems and behaviors that require adjustments.​


Make It Routine

Participants incorporate the new methods and toolsets into daily practice, while your coaches provide feedback and course corrections as needed.​


Outperform as a Team

Participants consistently display new behaviors and are applying the new tools and practices introduced by your coaches.​


Watch the Reverberation

Your people notice the difference in leadership. The engagement has resulted in measurable operational and intra-personal improvements.​

“With Bright Arrow on your side, you feel invincible. Having someone who challenges you and your team’s assumptions, supports your organizational objectives, and celebrates your wins is nothing short of a game changer.”

Technology Leader

$500M pharmaceutical company

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