About Us

We are Bright Arrow

At Bright Arrow, we believe that only by going inward can we actually move forward. Our life and leadership coaching services help people discover their inner mission and rise to the level of their highest capabilities through personal and professional assessments, one-on-one sessions, executive and leadership development, and speaking engagements.

Mindful, Powerful Results

We tailor our mindfulness-based approach to your unique needs and style. We use proven tools and techniques to help you balance your energy and efforts so that you feel more aligned and purposeful in your life and leadership practices.

A True Partnership

Our highly-tenured and talented coaches partner with you to (re)define what success means and co-create a vision for achieving it. By asking insightful questions that get to the heart of issues or challenges you are facing, we create a supportive setting that helps your identify and access your full potential and capabilities.

Put Strategy to Action

We will help you create harmony between your personal and professional personas. Together with your coach, you will identify your strengths and opportunities for development through specialized tools, assessments, and stakeholder interviews. And, best of all, you get to work directly with someone who is invested in your success and will help you achieve your biggest goals.

“Bright Arrow helped me see where I wanted to go, even before I realized it. Tegan took the time to do self-development exercises to ensure I knew what I wanted to accomplish and helped me design all the steps I need to take to achieve it. She didn’t just fill in the blanks for me… she asked the right questions to help me come to the answers myself.”


HR Leader

Our Core Beliefs

  • Self-acceptance and self-awareness are key to growth.
  • The marrying of work and personal personas is essential to authentic life and leadership.
  • Life-long change can occur in an instant via a thought, idea, or realization.
  • Coaching is a development tool, not a remedy for deficit.
  • By empowering others, we are making a difference in the world.

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