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Bright Arrow’s executive and team coaching and training solutions provide individuals and groups with a variety of flexible options based on their specific needs.

Executive Coaching

As industries continue to evolve and business context rapidly changes, leaders are required to adapt quickly, while still cultivating engagement and growth. Prepare your leaders to thrive, not just survive, with individualized development opportunities. Learn more

Team Coaching

Teams are needed to tackle complex and large-scale problems that often require a broad skill set that one person wouldn’t be able to handle on their own. While the tasks may be divided amongst a group of highly skilled individuals, getting them to perform as a unit—a true team—can be challenging. Our team coaches are up for the challenge. Learn more


Usually hosted at the client’s site, our workshops offer leadership team training to small groups of your executive or management team. Getting your leadership team future-ready through our customized workshops will enable them to handle upcoming business opportunities with improved sophistication and strategic thinking. Learn more


Bright Arrow’s core beliefs drive everything we do. Our founder and CEO, Tegan Trovato, translates our mission and values into every workshop, seminar, conference, and event she speaks at. Make your next event memorable and energizing with an inspiring keynote from Tegan! Learn more

Programs for Executive Coaches

Bright Arrow is proud to offer a variety of mentoring and training programs to fellow executive coaches and those who aspire to become executive coaches. Our programs for budding and seasoned executive coaches are offered exclusively by our founder and executive coach Tegan Trovato. Learn more

“Not only were you there for us, you really encouraged us. Helped us gain confidence. A lot of us found our voices again. I just want to thank you for everything you’ve helped us achieve over the past year.”

VP of Quality $500M company

What We Focus on Grows.

Expand to your full potential as a leader with powerful thoughts and ideas from our blog written with the unique needs of our leadership community in mind.



Exceptional leaders know how to create experiences and conversations that move themselves and others to action. Tegan’s signature talk introduces leaders to the concept of Energy Management.


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