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Bright Arrow’s life, executive, and leadership coaching and training solutions provide individuals and groups with a variety of flexible options based on their specific needs.

Leadership & Executive Development

As industries continue to evolve and business context rapidly changes, leaders are required to adapt quickly while still cultivating engagement and growth. Prepare your leaders to thrive, not just survive, with individualized and group development opportunities. Learn more

Individual Coaching

Get the space and framework you need to define your next chapter, elevate how you show up, and finesse your leadership prowess. Individual coaching puts the entire focus of the session on YOU, providing greater levels of flexibility and confidentiality. Learn more

Results-Focused Assessments

Our assessments are the foundation of every coaching engagement. They provide an unbiased picture into how you, or your leaders, “show up” in the world. Everything from perceptions, strengths, and opportunities for development are evaluated and integrated with your unique goals and the types of insights you want to gain and leverage on your developmental journey. Learn more

Speaking & Keynotes

Bright Arrow’s core beliefs drive everything we do. Our founder and CEO, Tegan Trovato, translates our mission and values into every workshop, seminar, mastermind, conference, and event she speaks at. Make your next event memorable and one no one will forget. Learn more

“I’ve really come to depend on–and look forward to–my coaching sessions. Knowing we have an appointment coming up gives me the “luxury” of knowing I don’t always have to solve a problem right there and then. That simple mind shift alone has made me less reactive and more proactive in all areas of my life.”


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Discover for yourself why so many clients refer to Tegan Trovato as their secret weapon with a complimentary, 60-minute discovery session.


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