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“I am confident that our company would not be profitable again if it weren’t for the work our leadership team did with Tegan over the past year.”

CEO of $500M company

Did you know that a large percentage of teams fail to perform?

Of 120 teams studied across the globe, 42% performed poorly, 37% delivered mediocre performance and only 21% delivered outstanding results.*

(*Source: Senior Leadership Teams What it Takes to Make Them Great. Ruth Wageman, Debra A. Nunes, James A. Burruss, & J. Richard Hackman)

Solely based off of these numbers we are certain that your team has room to grow. Teams are needed to tackle complex and large-scale problems that require a broad skill set that one single person wouldn’t possess. While the tasks may be divided amongst a group of highly skilled individuals, getting them to perform as a unit—a true team—can be challenging.

Team coaching involves a single coach working with a group of managers or executives. After careful assessment of your needs, our founder, Tegan will hand-select the right team coach for your team and organization. With a designated coach by their side your team will be given a framework that will empower them and help them stretch beyond their current abilities. By partnering with the team in the context of its everyday work challenges, a coach can offer new perspectives and introduce ideas for improving team performance.

As with executive coaching, team coaching is results-focused. We work closely with your team to translate the data and insights gained from your team’s assessments into a coaching agenda that often focuses on your team’s stakeholders, inter-team and inter-departmental relationships, shared experiences, and collective interpersonal awareness in a way that supports the overall goals and objectives.

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