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We are Bright Arrow

We believe that only by going inward can we actually move forward. We are committed to helping others discover their inner mission and rise to the level of their highest capabilities.

Our proven, mindfulness-based approach helps people uncover the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that stand in their way; find the courage and confidence to be their very best; and become fully aligned, authentic, and purposeful – at work and at home.

The result? More fulfilling lives and careers.

Our Focus Areas

Personal Growth

We work with individual clients on a number of personal growth opportunities – from discovering core values and examining and redesigning life to overcoming imposter syndrome and living more authentically.

Career Transition

Our deep expertise in recruiting, training, and employee development makes us uniquely suited to help clients with all things work, including planning career transition, making radical asks, and having difficult conversations.

Leadership Development

Organizations engage us to help leaders and emerging leaders provide meaningful feedback, lead change and transition, and practice authentic leadership as well as serve as coaches themselves.

“Tegan is an amazing career coach. She took the time to understand me as well as my learning style to help me succeed. She was open and comforting but gave me tough love and a push when I needed it. She was also there to celebrate the wins that gave me confidence as a person and a professional. She cared about me as a person and took the time to build a relationship that lasts.”


HR Leader

Our Services

Personal & Professional Assessments

Our Values, Energy and Reality assessments along with our Self-Assessments and 360 Feedback are designed help clients gain clarity.

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Group Workshops

Online or in person, group workshops offer a more cost-effective option and provide face-to-face interaction with likeminded people.

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One-on-One Sessions

Individual coaching ensures that the entire focus of the session is on the client, providing greater levels of flexibility and confidentiality.

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Leadership Development

We help leaders and emerging leaders develop their prowess, deliver on company objectives, and practice authentic leadership.

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Speaking Engagements

When it comes to meetings, training sessions, and conferences, Bright Arrow founder Tegan Trovato knows just how to energize and inspire.

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About Tegan

When the intersection of life and work could no longer be ignored, Tegan Trovato redesigned her life and leadership approach so she could fully live authentically and with purpose. She now spends her days helping others do the same. As a former award-winning HR executive with extensive experience in recruiting, training, and employee development, Tegan’s clients refer to her as their “secret weapon” when it comes to making radical changes and transitions, asking for big raises and promotions, and developing their leadership prowess.

Our Corporate Clients

Find Inspiration for Life-Altering Realizations

Lifelong change can occur in an instant via a powerful thought, idea, or realization. Follow our blog for inspiration.

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