Leadership Development to Manage Change Smoothly

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Many leadership teams suffer from poor communication and alignment

During periods of change this can slow progress and cause frustration. Leaders sometimes lack strategic thinking at the level needed to succeed in a changing organization, and are uncertain of the exact course to take to become stronger leaders.

Set your team up for success with guidance from Bright Arrow

Executive Coaching

Developing strong leaders who align to and deliver on your organization’s initiatives can be done by providing a confidential space for them to explore their innate strengths and come face-to-face with their opportunities for growth. Our coaching will help develop their competencies, reframe their approach to enterprise thinking, and expand their capacities.

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Team Coaching

Get your leadership team performing as a seamless unit by aligning them to a crystal clear shared purpose and inspiring a stakeholder mindset. This will create stability inside and around the team.

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Spark organizational growth and change by introducing new ways of thinking about business problems. Our workshops help team members bond and work through the “tough stuff” while also focusing on business initiatives. Attendees will apply new concepts and leave with an action plan in-hand and agreed upon next steps.

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Results-Focused Assessments

Forming sound individual and team development goals is possible by gaining unbiased insight into how you, your leaders, and teams “show up” in the world. Assessments serve as the foundation for each Bright Arrow coaching engagement.

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“With Bright Arrow on your side, you feel invincible. Having someone who challenges you and your team’s assumptions, supports your organizational objectives, and celebrates your wins is nothing short of a game changer.”


Technology Leader

To meet company goals you need well-equipped leaders. Without them, the work environment and team productivity suffer.

For 10 years we’ve been helping leadership teams develop the skills to strengthen communication and collaboration, leading to happier, healthier workplaces, and more productive teams.


We collaborate to ensure we address the right problems and clearly understand your goals


We create a custom program which may include a mix of coaching, facilitation, individual and team level interventions


You now have a powerful and resilient leadership team that’s able to tackle any challenge

Why work with Bright Arrow?

Change and growth can be hard work. Not everyone is able to transition with ease, and offering your leader or leadership team support to succeed in a new role or environment is crucial.

We guide your team through a structured process by providing honest and caring input that challenges the status quo. We always create a safe and confidential place for executives and leadership teams to work through communication and leadership challenges.

Avoid stressful periods of change, dissent and turnover among leadership, and trying to solve problems with band-aid solutions. You and your team deserve more.

Bright Arrow specializes in developing leaders and leadership teams to think more strategically, thus managing change more smoothly and setting the organization up for success.

Tegan Trovato—CPC, PCC

CEO of Bright Arrow

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Help Your Leadership Team find Clarity.

Senior leadership teams often struggle to create clarity about decision-making authority. Who is responsible (R)? Who is accountable (A)? Who is consulted (C)? Who do we keep informed (I)?

Our Leadership Team Coaches introduce the RACI matrix to help teams answer these questions and commit to a new way of working together.

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