Spark Organizational Growth and Change

It can take months or even years to create healthy organizational growth and change, however a workshop turbocharges these efforts. A workshop helps you effectively introduce new ways of thinking about business problems, getting everyone on the same page in as little as a day.

This bespoke experience helps team members bond while they work through the “tough stuff.” We introduce leaders to concepts, frameworks, and language that will give them an expanded view of what is possible for the organization.

Your leadership team will leave their workshop acting as empowered change agents, protecting and fostering their teams’ culture and morale, while leveraging a new vocabulary and frameworks that enable them to make faster, more synchronized business decisions. Attendees will apply new concepts and leave with an action plan in-hand with agreed upon next steps.

Getting your leadership team future-ready through a customized workshop is as simple as scheduling a call with us today.

Narrow the Brilliance Margin®

We often think there’s a huge margin between our own abilities, knowledge, and talents as compared to someone else. This self-perceived measure of difference between your brilliance and capabilities to that of, for example, your boss or one of your colleagues, is what we refer to as the Brilliance Margin®.

Our Brilliance Margin® Workshop is specifically designed for leaders looking to narrow this self-perceived margin through decision and action. Contact us today and learn more about our Brilliance Margin® workshop.

“Tegan hosted a day-long training for 20 of our HR VPs and HR Business Partners. The training was phenomenal. But, what most struck me is how she created a truly safe place for us to connect as peers. She directly challenged us, all day, to surpass our own expectations.”


$5B Healthcare system

Grow Your Leadership ACumen

Expand to your full potential as a leader with powerful insights on leadership, communication, employee engagement, teaming best practices, and more. All posts are inspired by the shared challenges and opportunities of our clients.

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Bright Arrow Certified Coaches are highly trained, experienced business executives. Coaches are thoughtfully selected based on their expertise and specialties to ensure a best-fit match with the strategic goals of the clients they serve.

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Help Your Leadership Team find Clarity.

Senior leadership teams often struggle to create clarity about decision-making authority. Who is responsible (R)? Who is accountable (A)? Who is consulted (C)? Who do we keep informed (I)?

Our Leadership Team Coaches introduce the RACI matrix to help teams answer these questions and commit to a new way of working together.

Download our RACI template, which includes a sample for c-suite leaders.

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