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“Tegan hosted a day-long training for 20 of our HR VPs and HR Business Partners. The training was phenomenal. But, what most struck me is how she created a truly safe place for us to connect as peers. She directly challenged us, all day, to surpass our own expectations.”

HR VP for $5B Healthcare system

Usually hosted at the client’s site, our workshops offer leadership team training to small groups of your executive or management team. Getting your leadership team future-ready through our customized workshops will enable them to handle upcoming business opportunities with improved sophistication and strategic thinking.

Bright Arrow’s workshops introduce leaders to concepts, frameworks, and language that will give them an expanded view of what is possible for the organization. Stretching your leaders beyond their current capabilities by providing them with the tools needed to grow with your company are at the heart of our workshop programming.

Your leadership team will leave their workshop acting as empowered change agents, protecting and fostering their teams’ culture and morale, while leveraging a new vocabulary and framework that enables them to make faster more synchronized business decisions.

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What We Focus on Grows.

Expand to your full potential as a leader with powerful thoughts and ideas from our blog written with the unique needs of our leadership community in mind.



Exceptional leaders know how to create experiences and conversations that move themselves and others to action. Tegan’s signature talk introduces leaders to the concept of Energy Management.


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