The Workplace Forward Podcast is designed to empower perpetually busy, always overstretched senior leaders to prioritize professional development. We aim to answer the question: what behaviors, practices, beliefs and skills must the future leader possess that will enable them to lead systems that have and will continue to change at warp speed?

Based on the success of her first podcast for growth-oriented leaders—the Life & Leadership Podcast, cohosted with Katie Rasoul—Executive Coach Tegan Trovato launched The Workplace Forward Podcast in 2021. The Workplace Forward Podcast provides senior-level leaders and executives with essential insights they can use to navigate the future workplace—along with best practices on bringing out the more human side of leadership.

The Podcast features Tegan’s interviews with executives, experts, authors, and innovators about their leadership journeys. Tegan’s conversations focus on workplace issues, business initiatives, and self-care solutions that will help executives take well-deserved time to learn, recharge, and stay ahead of the curve on emerging leadership ideas to gain peace of mind.

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About Tegan Trovato

Tegan Trovato

Founder and CEO
of Bright Arrow Coaching

Workplace Forward
Podcast Host

The host of The Workplace Forward Podcast is Tegan Trovato, Founder and CEO of Bright Arrow Coaching, a national firm that specializes in executive and team coaching.

An HR industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, Tegan specializes in Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, and Organizational Learning. Her expertise includes serving as an executive or leadership team member for Levi Strauss, Zynga, Xerox, and Cielo.

Heading up a team of certified coaches at Bright Arrow, Tegan offers executive coaching, leadership development, and team coaching, prioritizing authenticity, confidence, courage, comfort, growth, and leadership. She and her coaching team are committed to two related goals: helping executives, leaders, and teams define their purpose, implement strategies for change and growth, and reach their highest capabilities—while also taking care of themselves and the people who work with and for them. Tegan believes this critical combination is what will help create a future-ready workplace where both leadership and teams thrive.

Tegan holds several credentials from top coaching programs, which include being a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Hogan Assessment Administrator, and a Master Practitioner for the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI-MP).

She is a recipient of HR Executive Magazine’s HR Rising Star Award and a regular contributor to many top business publications, including Forbes and Fast Company.

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Tegan and fellow executive coach Katie Rasoul, launched the Life and Leadership Podcast with the goal to share ideas, real life stories, and inspiration for powerful people to level up. If you are interested in a holistic approach to personal and professional development, the Life and Leadership Podcast is for you!

Since early 2018 the Life and Leadership podcast has been covering topics that speak to the whole person: relationships, money, fear, personal values, leadership, love, parenting and more. While Katie and Tegan share a lot of their knowledge and experience from decades of coaching and working in the HR field, they often invite other thought leaders and experts to weigh-in on a variety of topics.

While invaluable insights and thought provoking ideas from us and our high-level guests are at the forefront of the Life and Leadership podcast, the intimate and relaxed atmosphere allows for personalities to shine through and entertain at the same time.

If you are ready to transform how you lead and live check out the individual episodes featured on our blog or simply tune-in via your favorite app.

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