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Tegan and fellow executive coach Katie Rasoul, launched the Life and Leadership Podcast with the goal to share ideas, real life stories, and inspiration for powerful people to level up. If you are interested in a holistic approach to personal and professional development, the Life and Leadership Podcast is for you!

Since early 2018 the Life and Leadership podcast has been covering topics that speak to the whole person: relationships, money, fear, personal values, leadership, love, parenting and more. While Katie and Tegan share a lot of their knowledge and experience from decades of coaching and working in the HR field, they often invite other thought leaders and experts to weigh-in on a variety of topics.

While invaluable insights and thought provoking ideas from us and our high-level guests are at the forefront of the Life and Leadership podcast, the intimate and relaxed atmosphere allows for personalities to shine through and entertain at the same time.

If you are ready to transform how you lead and live check out the individual episodes featured on our blog or simply tune-in via your favorite app.

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Bright Arrow’s service offerings provide executives and teams with a variety of flexible options based on their specific needs.



Exceptional leaders know how to create experiences and conversations that move themselves and others to action. Tegan’s signature talk introduces leaders to the concept of Energy Management.


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