Roti CEO, Justin Seamonds on The Importance of Clarity in Leadership

by | May 4, 2022 | Podcast, Workplace Forward


How do you successfully lead a restaurant through the uncertainty of a global pandemic?

According to Justin Seamonds, you start with clarity, focusing on what you can control and inspiring your team with a mission that matters.

Justin is the Prime Minister of Fun and Chief Executive Officer at Roti, a Mediterranean-inspired fast casual brand on a mission to serve food that loves you back.

With more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Justin led upscale grocery market Dean & DeLuca before taking the helm at Roti in early 2020 to build the new brand philosophy: Crave Better.

On this episode of Workplace Forward, Justin joins me to discuss the importance of clarity in leadership, describing the sense of purpose you need to lead well in uncertain times.

Justin shares his experience leaning into collective leadership at Roti through the pandemic and explains his commitment to democratizing truth and transparency with his team.

Listen in for Justin’s advice around leading with authenticity and learn how Roti leveraged the pandemic to get clear on who they wanted to be and initiate the Roti Revolution.

Themes explored in this week’s episode:

  • Roti’s unique mission and how it informs Justin’s approach to leadership
  • Justin’s insight on the sense of purpose you need to lead well in uncertain times
  • How Justin leveraged clarity to keep Roti frontline employees and customers safe during the pandemic
  • Justin’s experience leaning into collective leadership at Roti throughout the pandemic
  • How the pandemic facilitated what Justin calls the Roti Revolution
  • Justin’s commitment to democratizing truth and transparency with his team
  • How the demands of the last couple of years affected the way Justin communicates and his appreciation for speed
  • The benefit of generating collective energy around decisions involving intuition
  • Justin’s advice on leading with authenticity in your personal and professional life
  • Justin’s take on how leaders of the future will ‘crave better’

Resources from this episode: 

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