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Results-Focused Assessments

“Tegan helped me understand what I needed to do to drive my career and success. Her coaching helped me gain insight into where I was in my current role and what I needed to learn to be ready for my next role. It also helped me evaluate the responsibilities of my current and ideal roles against the impact to business, my development, and role satisfaction. Ultimately, it helped me gain the confidence I needed to take the next step.”


HR Leader

The foundation of every coaching engagement starts with gaining an unbiased insight into how you and your leaders, “show up” in the world. Everything from perceptions, strengths, and opportunities for development are assessed, evaluated, and integrated with your unique goals and the types of insights you want to gain and leverage on you and your team’s developmental journey.

Attitudinal Assessment

Work for, not against yourself. Our Energy Leadership Index helps you understand how you react under stress. Together, with our guidance and support, this assessment allows you to improve your ability to shift your own energy and the energy of those around you. When you do, you’re able to better inspire and motivate yourself and others, feel a greater sense of purpose, and get more done with much less effort and stress.

You’ll also receive insight into how you show up in various aspects of your life and what’s working for and against you in your efforts to lead yourself and others to take positive, productive, and sustainable action.

When you raise your awareness, you raise your ability and capacity to capture higher levels of success in life, finances, relationships, your leadership practices, personal development, achievement, and more.

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360 Leadership Assessment

Being aware of the strengths and potential areas of development for each of your leaders is vital to effective job performance and success. Our 360 Leadership Assessments provides feedback across your individual leader’s strengths and provides clear data on where they have opportunities to grow across four key areas: performance leadership, change leadership, interpersonal leadership, and personal leadership.

Bright Arrow works directly with leadership teams and their leaders to create relevant and impactful action plans. Our action plans are leader-specific and designed to help them advance their leadership skills and abilities.

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Self-Assessment Tools

We often fantasize about where we want to be, but lack the tools and resources to get there. Bright Arrow has an entire arsenal of life and leadership self-assessment tools and exercises designed to help individuals and teams dig deeper, track their progress, stay accountable, and reach their full potential.

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