Success Stories

Success Story

Career Development

“Tegan is an amazing career coach. She took the time to understand me as well as my learning style to help me succeed. She was open and comforting but gave me tough love and a push when I needed it. She was also there to celebrate the wins that gave me confidence as a person and a professional. She cared about me as a person and took the time to build a relationship that lasts.”


HR Leader

KM engaged Bright Arrow to help her define and land her ideal role. Tegan helped KM gain insight into what she wanted and design the steps she needed to take in order to achieve her goal. Today, KM is a successful leader who uses the exercises and learnings from her work with Tegan to help other professionals.


KM had just started working and was unsure of exactly which HR function she wanted to specialize in. After gaining some experience, she was ready to turn her job into a career. She engaged Bright Arrow to “help me see where I wanted to go, even before I realized it.”


At the start of the engagement, Tegan asked KM to complete self-development exercises to ensure she knew what she wanted to accomplish. They started with a SWOT analysis to understand where KM was in her role at the time and what she needed to learn to be ready for her next role. “Tegan didn’t just fill in the blanks for me,” said KM. “She asked the right questions to help me come to the answers myself. That exercise has continued to challenge my self-awareness.”

Tegan also walked KM through putting together a role analysis, which consisted of evaluating the responsibilities of her current role against the impact to business as well as her career development and role satisfaction. Next, they did a similar exercise for KM’s ideal role. This process provided KM with insight into what she needed to do to drive her career and success. “These tools gave me the confidence I needed to take that next step I desired,” said KM. “To this day, this exercise still allows me to understand the objective I’m trying to accomplish and the correct conversation and talking points I need to have in order to achieve it.”

KM and Tegan then designed the steps KM needed to take in order to achieve her goal. Within 2 months, KM received the job offer she wanted and turned to Tegan for help with negotiating salary. “I wanted my company to know how excited and appreciative I was over the offer I received,” she said. “But I also knew that I had a specific number in mind for me to take the job and feel valued. Tegan was my first call because I knew she would understand, and I also knew that she would help me get real about what I really wanted from the compensation conversation.”

Tegan worked with KM to define her career progression, understand how her role impacted the business, and determine how she wanted to approach the conversation. “We focused on making sure I was speaking the language of the business by highlighting my contributions and how they impacted the company’s strategy,” said KM.


KM got the outcome and money she wanted. Five years later, she and Tegan are still working together on developing leadership skills such as having difficult conversations in the workplace. “I can’t remember the number of times I’ve reached out to Tegan to say ‘Hey, I need to run something by you. I have this problem and need to approach this person. Here are my thoughts on how to approach this conversation… what do you think?’” said KM. “She has this incredible ability to show you all angles of your approach to help you reach the best outcome. True genius.”

As a successful leader, KM now uses the exercises and learnings from her work with Tegan to help other professionals. “I hope one day to be able to give back as someone incredible once did for me,” she said.

Success Story

Career Transition

“I’ve come to depend on — and look forward to — my coaching sessions with Tegan. Knowing we have an appointment coming up gives me the ‘luxury’ of knowing I don’t always have to solve a problem right there and then. That simple mind shift alone has made me less reactive and more proactive in all areas of my life.”


Technology Leader

SA worked with Bright Arrow to co-create a proactive career transition plan for her next job search. Tegan helped her identify past patterns, define her values, and expand her possibilities. As a result, SA received three job offers within a month and selected the one that was most closely aligned with her values.


When SA came to Bright Arrow, she had been unhappy and unfulfilled in her job. “I dreaded Sunday nights and had to drag myself out of bed every morning,” she said. When SA was impacted by a round of layoffs at her company, she decided this was her chance to redefine her values and create a proactive job search plan to ensure she finally broke out of the cycle. “It truly was a blessing in disguise,” SA said. She engaged Bright Arrow to help with her new undertaking.


Tegan first asked SA to complete a New Client Questionnaire, which helped them explore ways in which she may be holding herself back from her greatest potential. As SA started reviewing her work history, a clear pattern emerged… she had gone from one company that wasn’t a good fit to another during the course of her career. With Tegan’s help, she also realized this was in large part due to the fact that she had always jumped at the first opportunity that came along rather than waiting for the right opportunity to appear.

Next, SA completed a Values Assessment in order to get clarity on what matters to her. While doing so, SA had another A-HA moment… “I actually loved the projects I worked on!” she said. “What I didn’t care for were the difficult personalities and the corporate politics.” Having experienced this powerful realization, Tegan now challenged SA to envision exactly what she wanted out of her career and define the “non-negotiables” and priorities for her next job. They also created a job search roadmap that allowed SA to proactively seek the type of opportunities she wanted.

Throughout the process, Tegan encouraged SA to think outside the box, supported her when she had doubts, and challenged her whenever she thought about settling for anything less than what she deserved. “I’m surprised by how much I like to be challenged,” said SA. “All this time, I was the one who was getting in my way! Fortunately, I now had Tegan to run interference.”


Near the end of the job search, Tegan suggested they discuss how SA felt about the different companies she had interviewed with, since she would soon have multiple offers to choose from. “At this point, I thought Tegan was crazy,” said SA. “This was not how things had worked out for me in the past. But sure enough, by the end of the week I had three offers in hand!”

Tegan also guided SA as she evaluated and negotiated the job offers. In the end, SA selected the job that paid the least amount of money, because it was the one that was most closely aligned to her values. “Thanks to the work we had done together, what I initially thought was a difficult decision suddenly became an easy one,” she said. “Now, I wake up every morning feeling excited about my day!”

With Tegan’s help, the job search process took less than a month. SA was so happy with the results that she engaged Bright Arrow to help with personal growth and leadership development. She is currently in the process of completing the Energy Assessment and creating an expanded view of what’s possible… in her career and in her life.

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