Stacey Lisowski

Kathryn Landis

Stacey Lisowski

PCC, Integral Master Coach™ 

Stacey Lisowski possesses an extensive repertoire of strategic and operational human resources techniques, drawn from her distinguished career spanning more than 18 years in the field. An accomplished executive coach, Stacey’s leadership development expertise centers on guiding high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs across a diverse range of industries, including: start-ups, biotech, pharma, finance, telecom, hospitality, retail, and human resources.

Stacey’s keen ability to uncover the root causes of organizational dynamics makes her an invaluable thought partner for individuals, teams, and organizations. Motivated by a genuine passion for leadership development, Stacey guides individuals and teams by providing them with the necessary awareness, business tools, and clarity to accelerate business growth, even amid rapid change.

Stacey infuses warmth, relatability, and humor into her coaching, which complements her deliberate and business-centered coaching approach, making her a balanced advisor for C-suite executives navigating the complexities of leadership.

  • Executive Development

  • Team Coaching

  • Training Facilitation

  • Women in Leadership

  • New Manager

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – International Coach Federation (ICF) 

  • Integral Master Coach™ 

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ 2.0 & EQ 365) Certified Practitioner – Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS)

  • EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360 
  • Graduate of ICF- Accredited Integral Coaching Canada™ 

  • Executive Certificate in Transformational Leadership – Georgetown University 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – Ohio University

  • Senior Vice President Human Resources, UBM Americas

  • Vice President, People & Culture – UBM Medica US

  • Human Resources Manager – United Business Media

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