Are You Stealing Growth Opportunities from the People Around You?

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Executive Coaching

growth opportunities

If you’ve ever heard me talk about my clients, you know I’m not shy to profess my deep love and care for them. They all tend to play similar roles in that they are leaders in their lives and work. They boost the people around them. Others look to them for answers and guidance. They happily shoulder a lot of responsibility (by choice). So, this is why it is my profound honor to be their booster, their supporter, their partner, their safe place to land.

Most of these strong characters are also making the same mistake. In playing this long standing role of supporter and fixer, they unwittingly sometimes stealing growth opportunities from the people around them.

People fix for different reasons. Some fix because they derive their self-worth from it. Some fix because it is the role they were born into in their families. Some fix because this is what they were led to believe leaders do.

But, if you are known for fixing problems, then people will only bring you their problems.

What if you challenged them to also bring their idea for a solution?  

Asking others to be part of the solution is empowering! You are teaching them simply by believing in them. A small and powerful tweak.

On a personal note: I’m a recovering fixer. I was born into the role of fixer and caretaker. For part of my life, I used fixing to express my love and support, before I came to understand that it was sometimes a disservice. Now my greatest contribution, (and I’m making a career out of it), is empowering others to help themselves and understand their own power.

Elevate your service to the world by joining me in the ‘fixer recovery program’ and leave those fixer tendencies behind.

Where in your life or leadership practice are people only bringing you problems?

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