My Top 10 Lessons From 2018

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Executive Coaching

The past twelve months have been some of the most impactful and meaningful months of my entire life.

I managed to distill the lessons into a top ten list and will expand on each in the months to come.

It would be great to hear from you! Drop me a line to tell me your most treasured lesson from last year.

    1. The Value of Space. I’ve lived a notoriously over scheduled life. I value being productive. This year I learned that in order to contribute in more meaningful ways, I need space to learn, create, relax, think, and meditate. In general, the space allowed new opportunities and ideas to flow in because I had the bandwidth (mental, emotional and physical) to receive and explore. I am infatuated with the open pockets of time that are strategically protected on my calendar.
    2. Stillness and Meditation. I spent hundreds of hours meditating this year and I won’t stop. This is now an important part of my life. I’ve discovered that I already have all the answers to my questions. In stillness, I find better questions to ask.
    3. Pain & Physical Limitation. This year, I lived with a lot of physical pain. As a result, I learned how to love every cell in my body and that being in an anti-relationship with my body (including the pain contained within it) is not my (our) true nature. I showed myself a deeper level of tenderness and compassion which in turn means that I can now offer this to others at a deeper level.
    4. Head and Heart. Their messages can be distinctly different. I spent months examining which was in the driver’s seat. Questioning how they get along. Ultimately discovering that they have been in sync together for many years. The evaluation resulted in a deeper knowing as to which is taking the lead from situation to situation. Meditation helped with this evaluation and it was a joy to introduce my clients to the concept this year.
    5. Integrating Versus Overcoming. We over-emphasize the hero’s journey in America. I’ve concluded that we are ready for something different and I now understand that we are never really “overcoming.” We are ready for more when we begin integrating our experiences, relationships and lessons. Know that they are part of our emotional DNA. They are of service to us (even the painful ones). They are to be synthesized rather than overcome, rejected, or left behind us.
    6. Human Guinea Pigging. I experimented with my own life via 90-day challenges. Most of them exceeded 90 days. Some have become permanent changes. I’m addicted.
    7. Marriage. I’ve always treasured my husband and our relationship. Time lets us in on more secrets. This year I came to understand the true journey this is. It becomes more sacred every year. Marriage is the most challenging, healing, and growth-oriented experiences of my life. I can say, confidently, that being married to my husband has made me a better person. This unity will be my lifelong teacher.
    8. Service. This was my word of focus for 2018. This was a lesson that unfurled with each day. I learned to be unattached to outcomes (more than ever), that serving myself and my health allows me to be a better business owner, friend, and partner. I gave away over 150 hours of coaching and workshops. Started a scholarship fund. Learned that we are in service in action and in word. When I’m leading workshops or giving talks, I serve whatever the room shows itself to need. Yes, I come with a plan and my talking points, but I now go where the energy takes me and what the audience indicates they truly need. PowerPoint slides may get you in the door, but they aren’t why you’re asked back.
    9. Teachers & Teaching. True teachers (conscious, non-egoic teachers) know that they are always the student. I had so many teachers show up in my life this year. It was astounding. I’ve learned that my gift is to teach by example and sharing my own journey, more than by instruction. I will likely never teach or speak to the same topics for more than a few months at a time. My own journey is moving too fast to stay with one thing for too long. I’ve always called myself a lifelong student and a natural teacher. Now I’m happy to always, simply, be the student who is sometimes lucky enough to have people learning alongside me.
    10. Embodiment. I spent time studying what it means to truly embody something. I talked with my teachers about embodiment. Love, leadership and co-creation were things I have striven to embody this year. A continued work in progress as I’m now marinating on how I will embody all of the lessons above.

Wishing you a prosperous year ahead with many meaningful lessons to embody.

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