Owning Your Leadership with Mike Rognlien

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Podcast

Work culture is everyone’s responsibility. No matter your job title, your actions have an impact on other people’s experience in the workplace. And your inaction has an impact, too. So, what can you do to get off the sidelines and OWN your leadership?

Today, we’re joined by Mike Rognlien, the founder of Multiple Hats Management, a consulting team out of Chicago created to help clients build awesome cultures in every organization, at every level. He has nearly 20 years of experience building learning and development teams in the technology, financial services and management consultancy space. Best known as a founding member of Facebook’s L&D team, Mike specializes in cultural leadership, unconscious bias, and program strategy and design, and he is the author of This is Now Your Company: A Culture Carrier’s Manifesto.

Mike begins by defining organizational culture and explaining why it’s everyone’s job. He discusses why neutrality at work is NOT a good thing, describing why simply not contributing to a problem is not enough. Mike also shares the difference between spectator mode and leader mode and offers insight around how you can own your career and be a leader—no matter your role in the company. Listen in to understand the value of showing up as your authentic self at work and learn why quality leadership involves both WHAT you accomplish and HOW you accomplish it.



Themes explored in this week’s episode

  • How Mike got into learning and development + how company culture was the common denominator among the roles he loved
  • Why culture is EVERYONE’S job
  • Why neutrality at work is not a good thing
  • Mike’s idea of organizational Stockholm syndrome
  • How entitlement erodes organizational culture and what you can do about it
  • The difference between spectator mode and leader mode + how to take an active role in the employee-manager relationship
  • How Mike defines quality leadership as a combination of WHAT you accomplish and HOW you accomplish it
  • Mike’s take on emotional intelligence and the value of showing up as your authentic self at work
  • Measuring the health of a relationship based on the lag time between a problem being identified and that problem being discussed

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