Personal Branding with Jessica Zweig

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Podcast

jessica zweig

Personal branding is how we show up focused and ready to use our gifts to serve the world. As a foremost expert on building and maintaining a purpose driven brand, my guest Jessica Zweig explains exactly what personal branding is, how your brand supports your leadership efforts, and gives us 3 tips anyone can use to build their personal brand. As the CEO of The SimplyBe Agency, her biggest passion (and humble genius) is seeing the potential, power, and magnificence of other people.

Her firm belief is that the world does not need another app, gadget, widget, or fancy coffee drink. What is needed is more humanity, more unapologetic authenticity, and more people ‘showing up’ to their lives fully expressed. This interview is authentic, deep, and inspiring. Jessica does not hold back when answering our questions.

Before SimplyBe began supporting the personal brands of dozens of esteemed clients, Jessica founded, Chicago’s leading lifestyle magazine for women. She has been named one of the Top Digital Marketers to watch by INC and a Top Entrepreneur to follow on social media by the Chicago Tribune.

Check out the entire episode for this and more:

  • How, as a leader, you have a personal brand within your company.
  • How personal branding and public relations differ.
  • Mistakes made when it comes to personal branding and who might be doing personal branding really well.
  • The most valuable lesson Jessica learned as an entrepreneur.

What do you want your personal brand to convey to the world?

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