Purposeful Hustle with Deanna Singh

by | May 8, 2019 | Podcast

When the work you do is aligned with your purpose, the result is inspired action. Rather than grinding through each day, you are propelled forward by a calling to serve. So, what is your purposeful hustle? And how would your life change if you pursued that passion every day?

Today, we’re joined by Deanna Singh, the Founder and Chief Change Agent at Flying Elephant. Recognized as a leading authority in creating opportunities in underserved communities, Deanna has spent nearly 20 years designing and building solutions to complex social challenges. She has extensive experience in the realm of social entrepreneurship and advocacy, and Deanna is the author of the new release, Purposeful Hustle: Direct Your Life’s Work Towards Making a Positive Impact.

Deanna begins by defining what it means to be a social entrepreneur. She explains how her diverse body of work fits under the umbrella of shifting power to marginalized communities and describes the inspired action behind work that aligns with your unique purpose. Deanna also discusses the value in making failure part of the plan and shares the concept of a failsumé to document (and even celebrate!) the areas where you’re not winning. Listen in to understand how clarity of purpose can support you in doing less—and learn how to uncover and engage in your own purposeful hustle!




Themes explored in this week’s episode

  • The definition of social enterprise
  • Deanna’s purpose in shifting power to marginalized communities and how her three businesses fit under that umbrella
  • The job interview that inspired Deanna to articulate + align with her purpose
  • How to get past judging yourself for a purpose that’s ‘not noble enough’ by focusing on the people you serve
  • How Deanna encourages purposeful hustlers to embrace failure and make it part of the plan
  • Deanna’s concept of a failsumé to document + celebrate the areas where you’re not winning
  • Why Deanna values resilience in team members and how she evaluates that quality in the interview process
  • How clarity of purpose can support you in doing less
  • How Purposeful Hustle is giving people a venue to share what they’re dreaming about
  • The lifechanging wisdom Deanna recognized standing in line at Potter World


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