Redefining Success with Katie Rasoul

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Leadership, Personal Excellence & Authenticity, Podcast

Katie Rasoul

As many of you know, Katie Rasoul is my co-host for The Life and Leadership Podcast. We took some time to talk recently about her new book, Hidden Brilliance: A High-Achieving Introvert’s Guide to Self-Discovery, Leadership and Playing Big, and learn more about her story of how she redefined success on her own terms. She provides listeners with a blueprint of how they can re-write their own definition for success and regain the self-trust to make bold moves.

It was really empowering to hear her personal experiences and lessons on how to approach fear in a way that’s meaningful and how it helped her unlock her potential for total greatness.

Check out the entire episode for more of our conversation where we talk about:

  • How she defines “High-Achieving Introverts” and how it differs from simply being “one or the other”
  • What she calls her, “Board of Directors,” and how to re-script the trash-talk your inner committee tends to throw at you
  • What it means (and how!) to re-write your definition of success so that it actually rings true for you
  • How to stay in the moment and not focus on the fear of what “might” happen in the future
  • Ways to experiment with bold moves and what stepping out of your comfort zone actually looks like
  • Staying friends with your inner child and finding out what brings you into flow
  • Why focusing on things that are a “hell yes” and doing less of everything else is imperative
  • The process of writing your first book!

Which member of your own internal board of directors needs to take a seat and which should come stand in front as you redefine success on your own terms?

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