Six Habits Successful People Have in Common

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Executive Coaching


I’m still feeling high from the training I hosted for 18 wildly-talented leaders a couple weeks ago. We talked a lot about leadership behaviors and the power of habit. We went deep on the neuroscience of change and the fact that what differentiates us from our primordial ancestors is our ability to raise our consciousness and choose our thoughts. Freeing ourselves from the amygdala hijack (fight or flight) and selecting a different behavior. This session led me to reflect privately on the top 6 habits of highly successful people.

1. They are clear on their personal definition of success.

Successful people are the only ones who determine if they are successful or not because they define success on their own terms.

2. They take time to think.

Successful people take time on a weekly basis to reflect on their work week and personal lives. Many people float though their lives on autopilot. But, the successful person is rigorous about making sure their time, activities and relationships are in alignment with their goals and strategies.

3. They practice energy management.

We can’t give 150% effort all the time. Successful people know when to pull back and don’t give credence to situations that aren’t worth their precious, highly-sought after energy. As a result, they have the energy to respond consciously rather than react unconsciously to stimulus or stressful events and decisions.

4. They create a winnable game.

Successful people focus intensely on their goals but don’t stay married to what isn’t serving them on their mission. Goal setting is not an annual event for successful people. They keep their goals in front of them, review them often, and tweak or abandon what proves over time to be non-essential.

5. They are resilient.

Resiliency is a key trait of high-performing leaders. When things don’t pan out the way they plan or hope, successful people have the ability to see shortcomings or “failures” as opportunities for growth and it keeps them on the field playing the game.

6. They work from their strengths.

Successful people know that they aren’t going to be everything to everyone. They hone in on their own gifts and talents and leverage strengths. They expect the same from others, clearing a path for and elevating the people around them.

It is possible to adopt any of these habits for yourself! Reaching your goals is all about mindset. Define success by your standards. Adopt the mindset that what you focus on grows. Become resilient by shifting your focus from “what is wrong” to “what is the opportunity here?” Be strategic with your time by taking 30 minutes a week to reflect on where your are expending energy and time, ensuring it is in alignment with your goals. Leverage your talents and “take people with you” as you rise.

What one habit will you choose or change today so that you are in better alignment with your greater mission or goals?

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