Have you created a Brilliance Margin in your life?

The Brilliance Margin is a self-perceived measure of difference between your brilliance and capabilities to that of someone else. Where a Brilliance Margin exists, so does some kind of paralysis or inaction on our part because we are waiting for someone to give us permission to step into our own power and take action. The goal is to narrow the margin and be the master of our own fates!

In this podcast episode Katie Rasoul and I, will explore the characteristics of the Brilliance Margin and what we can do to remedy it.



Themes explored in this week’s podcast:

  • What is The Brilliance Margin?
  • Why was the term coined and why is it important to know about it?
  • Relationships where The Brilliance Margin commonly exists.
  • Causes of the resulting inaction.
  • How to narrow The Brilliance Margin and move forward.


 Our Powerful Questions:

  • Where in your life have you created a Brilliance Margin?
  • What do you need in order to narrow that margin? (Ex: Giving yourself permission, acknowledgment, approval, and/or taking action?)

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