Money Mindset and Career Transformation with Erin Coupe

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Career Transition, Leadership, Personal Excellence & Authenticity, Podcast

Erin Coupe

I recently sat down with my podcast partner, Katie Rasoul and career trailblazer, Erin Coupe for an enlightening and transformational discussion on how anyone can change their Money Mindset and “play big” in their careers. This is different than managing your money, this is really about managing your mindset around money. We spoke about career transformation and finding the bravery and confidence to believe that every next step leads to the right thing on your journey. Erin shared her background and personal experience with money mindset, particularly as she made some key career transitions.

A little about Erin and why you need to hear her story: as a solopreneur with more than 15 years of diverse professional experience, Erin Coupe analyzes a company and its workplace objectives to deliver measurable, positive results via real estate initiatives. She works with key decision makers from established startups to the Fortune 1000. She translates business drivers such as growth or contraction goals, existing workplace (in)efficiencies, and occupancy costs to a creative, strategic plan that results in an engaging, fun experience. With an unyielding drive to succeed, Erin has worked for companies like Thomson Reuters, Goldman Sachs, and CBRE. Her career evolution to commercial real estate was born from those varied experiences, where she lives and breathes outside of her comfort zone (and instead finds herself consistently in the learning zone).

Listen to the entire episode for more on:

  • Money mindsets including, “ask and receive” and “stability vs. commission”
  • The value of networking and gathering information to make big career decisions
  • Preparing to leave an organization
  • Common fears people have regarding money, and where they come from
  • Having the confidence to negotiate your worth in salary negotiations
  • Male dominated fields, and what women supporting women looks like
  • Methods to approach sales and business development as the rare woman in your industry

What courageous move do you want to make in your career?

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