The Power and Importance of Reflection

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Mindfulness, Personal Excellence & Authenticity

fill your bowl

I just love the opportunity to reflect on what has passed and undergo an analysis of what I would like to leave behind. Most importantly, I like to carefully select what I’m bringing forward with me, and on what I will stay laser-focused on in the coming months.

One activity I use to infuse reflection and thoughtfulness into my life is what I’ve dubbed, the Shedding Bowl.

It starts with a stack of index cards that I ask friends (and house guests…we’re all about digging deep in the Trovato abode) to write down what experience, word, feeling, or relationship they want to shed and add it to the bowl. Once those words are purged, we ceremoniously burned those bad boys to release what wasn’t ours to carry and ready ourselves to welcome-in the new great things in store for our personal lives and careers.

In a recent Shedding Bowl, I wrote, “I release the 20 pounds that keep me from feeling my best.” And then I welcomed-in my word for the year: service. I’ve been thinking deeply about what it means to be of service. To be of service to my clients. To be of service to my marriage. To be of service to myself. I immediately fell in-love with this new focus and the iterative impact it continues to have as I shape my life and business (curiosity spiked?…you can hear more about my ‘word of the year practice’ here).  

Start your own Shedding Bowl. Create your own word of the moment, day, month, year, or however often you want. Start a practice to shed all that unnecessary baggage and be a more energized and focused you.

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