An Exploration of Personal Power

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Personal Excellence & Authenticity, Podcast

personal power

What does it mean to be personally powerful?

The generic definition goes something like this: the ability to do something or act in a particular way.  Yet we have so many different definitions, ways, and thoughts around power. There’s the internal demonstration of power, which focuses on thoughts, feeling, and emotions. The external demonstration of power revolves around voice, body language, and the ability to influence or persuade.

Here’s the tricky part: there isn’t a formula for which has to come first. In fact, it isn’t unusual to work on both at the same time. Some find it easiest to do the internal work first (which as a coach, I fully believe in). Others like to “fake it until they make it” and can more easily demonstrate their power externally even if they don’t yet fully believe in themselves (or have to deal with their imposter syndrome).

That’s why in we’re exploring these themes in our Life and Leadership podcast. Check out our Exploration of Personal Power episode for discussions on:

  • What does it mean to be personally powerful?
  • Is power granted or assumed?
  • How does personal power impact leadership prowess?
  • The power of asking and formulating a masterful ask
  • Internal demonstration of power and how to develop it
  • External demonstration of power and how to develop it
  • Resilience
  • Gender talk: reactions to powerful women
  • Unconscious bias

When was the last time you felt truly powerful? How can you have more of that? How do you use your personal power to be of service to both yourself AND others?

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