Own Your Experiences

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Podcast

Own your experiences

What if you were to own your holidays instead of letting them own you? How might that feel? Typical complaints around the holidays are usually specific to relatives or family dynamics, too much travel, financial stress, or pressure from work to hit annual goals.

With all the “survive the holiday” podcasts and blogs out there, we wanted to challenge you to think a little differently. Use this exercise anytime (not just around the holidays) when you need help getting more of what you love and less of what you loathe!

Check out the full episode for our thoughts on:

  • Why the holidays can be tough as well as personal stories of holidays past and present.
  • Shedding your holiday inheritance.
  • Leaning into other people’s traditions as well as creating new ones.
  • How to address the joy saboteur of too many holiday activities.
  • Exploring what you love about the holidays and how to have more of it.
  • Looking at what you loathe and how might you release it?

Powerful Question: What is it you most want to feel at social and family events and how will you create that for yourself?

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