Year-End Review and New Year Planning: 3rd Edition

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Podcast

What intentions did you fulfill in 2019? Where did you fall short? Did unexpected circumstances change your plans?

As driven, high achievers, we want to be in control of life’s outcomes. But life doesn’t always go according to plan. In fact, the most rewarding parts of life are often the most unpredictable. So, how do we plan for a new year knowing we can’t know everything? How can we set intentions without getting attached to a particular outcome?

Today, we are walking you through our process for reflecting on 2019 and creating a vision for 2020. We look back at the last 12 months, sharing what we learned about tapping into a new level of commitment and welcoming the cycles of life—even when it’s painful. And we get real about the challenges we faced in this year’s planning process.

We introduce you to the Life Purpose Reading that informed our process and discuss our personal intentions for the new year, describing how unknowns (like becoming a mom!) shift the way we plan and why it’s crucial to appreciate action in ALL its forms. Listen in for insight around focusing on who you want to BE versus what you want to DO and learn our framework for setting intentions in a way that embraces the unexpected.


Themes explored in this week’s episode:

  • The distinction between intentions and resolutions
  • How Tegan’s intention to be all-in in 2019 helped her tap into another level of commitment
  • Katie’s transformative and painful year of rest, reflection and healing + what it taught her about welcoming the cycles of life
  • The Life Purpose Readings we used in the reflection and planning process
  • How being an expectant mother shifted the way Tegan thought about planning + the challenge she faces in freeing herself from attachments
  • The temptation to judge or rank your actions and why it’s crucial to appreciate action in all its forms
  • Focusing on who you want to BE versus what you want to DO
  • Katie’s big intentions for becoming a next-level speaker and author in 2020
  • Tegan’s intentions around postpartum healing, practicing mindfulness and fostering joy and fun in her marriage
  • The power in reflecting on why you didn’t fulfill certain intentions
  • Overcoming destructive historical patterns of limitation

Resources from this episode:

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